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Auto Gram/AF stainer

【Intended use】 Used for acid-fast staining, gram staining, and fluore  scent staining of clinical microbial samples.   【Features】  1. No cross-contamination: Each staining unit is separated and independent; No cross contamination to technicians or between the slides. 2. Great performance: Soaking method ensure specimens fully contact reagent; Fixed amount of reagent for the slides standardizes the staining; 3. Economical and eco-friendly: Micro-amount soaking method consumes little reagents for each slide, which leads to less liquid waste; Inside-storage keeps reagent from being exposed and deteriorated by light. 4. Easy to use: Simply operation procedure; Easy for reagents replacement; Automated clean function; Reagent calculation function.   Video link: https://youtu.be/KDGG-leYXnk    

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