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Clinical microbiological detection plays a significant role in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, medication guidance, nosocomial infection control and antimicrobial management. However, some problems in this field, such as long turn-around time (TAT), tedious experimental operation and ineffective experimental results, restrict the development of clinical microbiology testing projects.

As a professional manufacturer of microbiological diagnostic products, DL provides automatic detection instruments and in vitro diagnostic(IVD) reagents such as pre-staining treatment, genital pathogen detection, culture of bloodstream infection bacteria, microbial identification and antimicrobial susceptibility test(ID/AST), time of flight mass spectrometer(TOF-MS). Enhance the automation of experimental operations and the ability to detect pathogenic bacteria, effectively guide clinical medication, and assist medical institutions to detect antimicrobial-resistant bacteria. Provide a comprehensive microbiological diagnostic platform for hospitals, CDC, blood centers and third-party inspection agencies.

Auto GBS Culture and Detection System

Mycoplasma ID/AST kit

BV-10/10A Bacterial Vaginosis Analyzer

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