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Auto blood culture analysis system

【Intended use】 Used for the detection of microbial in human blood or other sterile body fluids by in vitro culture.  【Features】 1. Auto load and unload bottle Achieve auto load and unload bottle by conveyor belt, which can precisely control and keep the inside temperature and shorten time to positive. 2. Sample quality monitoring Monitor sample volume and give alarm to improve positive detection rate. 3. Auto inoculation Positive bottles are sub-cultured to 4 kinds of 90mm Petri dish automatically. 4. Auto K-B susceptibility method Automated K-B tests with 6 kinds of drugs to shorten the time to drug sensitivity result. 5. Auto monitoring germs morphology Equipped with a built-in camera to photograph the growth form of colonies. The photo shooting time can be customized.

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Microbial ID/AST System DL-96II