The action of active peptides

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As a carrier and transport tool in the body, peptides transfer the nutrients people normally eat to various parts of the body and give full play to their functions. Peptides act as neurotransmitters...

As a carrier and transport tool in the body, peptides transfer the nutrients people normally eat to various parts of the body and give full play to their functions. Peptides act as neurotransmitters in organisms, transmitting information. Peptides have strong activity and diversity, can regulate human physiological function and enhance human physiological activity. Peptide can not only provide nutrients needed for the growth of human body, and has special biological function, prevention and treatment of thrombosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, improve immunity, promote human body to protein, vitamins, amino acids, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium, copper and other trace elements beneficial to human body to absorb; Some peptides have important physiological functions that are not found in the original food protein or other constituent amino acids.

Some small peptides with small molecular weight in bioactive peptides have the characteristics of fast absorption, low consumption and unsaturation compared with the transport function of amino acids. Science and medicine can use its characteristics to supplement the nutrition of people in special conditions, such as postoperative wound healing period, rehabilitation period and physical recovery period. Mental stress, overwork and lack of appetite; Food in chemical substances, heavy metals, radiation storage, pesticide residues, long-term use of chemical drugs, Chinese medicine poisoning, digestive system damage caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction; If the amount of exercise is large and the intensity of physical labor is large, it is necessary to supplement the nitrogen source in time, and the gastrointestinal function burden cannot be increased. The digestive system is unable to enter the diet due to diseases. In infants and young children with immature digestive organs, the elderly whose digestive and absorption functions begin to decline. Small peptides in bioactive peptides can significantly promote the growth of lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, yeast and other beneficial nutrients in human body, which is of great significance to the digestion and absorption of food nutrition.

1. New products of modern immunity: bioactive polypeptides (peptides), such as the "tri-nine protein peptides", which play an important role in SARS, have the function of strengthening human immunity and playing a role that peptide drugs could not achieve against modern viruses in the past. It can be antibacterial and anti-modern virus, prevent SARS cells from entering the human body, can imitate the protein judgment on the surface of the virus, and "compete" with the virus, thereby blocking the way the virus infects cells. Therefore, this polypeptide is the killer of modern virus, and is the best product of modern immunity. The peptides also stimulate macrophage phagocytosis and inhibit tumor cell growth.

2. Neuropeptides in polypeptides can play the role of analgesia and regulating human emotions, breathing, pulse and body temperature. Unlike ordinary analgesics, they have no side effects after entering human body through digestive organs.

3. Hypotensive peptide, which can reduce blood pressure by inhibiting the activity of ACE, can cure hypertension. The active peptide that has many other functions, including "tiaozhi peptide", "lose weight peptide", "casein peptide (CPPs) phosphate", "the hypoglycemic polypeptide (promote pancreatic enzyme peptide)", "peptide hormones (growth hormone releasing factor)", "albumin peptide insulin growth", "antimicrobial peptide", "anti-cancer peptides (tumor necrosis factor, cyclohexanol peptide, cyclic peptide)" and "anti-hiv peptides", etc., all can use its function, prevention and treatment of "modern disease".

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