In the future, there is a huge space for the development of the great health industry

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Why are so many companies bullish on health? What is the future of the health industry? First, the health industry is only 10 years old It is less than 20 years since China has truly regarded hea

    Why are so many companies bullish on health? What is the future of the health industry?
    First, the health industry is only 10 years old It is less than 20 years since China has truly regarded health as an industry, and the real rapid development of health industry is only within 10 years. Only in 1996 did China have the first health food supervision and management method. I have always regarded two companies, sun god and wahaha, as the original pioneering enterprises of China's health food. These two enterprises were born in the late 1980s and are the rudiments of our modern health enterprise. Today, these two companies are still the leaders in our industry, which is not easy.
    Second, the potential consumer market for 1.3 billion people is huge
Any industry is aimed at people, no matter the product, the sales method, the model, always faces people. Why are there so many enterprises in China and foreign enterprises still willing to come to China? The core is to target the potential consumption power and purchasing power of over 1.3 billion people.
New opportunities for the health of 200 million elderly people
    So far, many young and middle-aged people and the elderly may not be aware of eating nutritional supplements. In 2013, our elderly population has exceeded 200 million. In the next two years, it may reach 340 million. In addition, in the past, there were more children in the family, and brothers and sisters took turns to look after the elderly. Now there are more only children in the family.
    Fourth, the number of people with chronic diseases is huge The number of chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases, various tumors, hypertension and hyperglycemia reached 260 million in 2012. At present, the death rate of Chinese people from chronic diseases accounts for 85% of the total mortality rate of the disease, and the disease burden caused by chronic diseases accounts for 70% of the total burden of the disease in China, but these chronic diseases are preventable and controllable. Lack of attention in daily life and unhealthy lifestyle will lead to chronic diseases, which will lead to a certain degree of the disease.
    Fifth, the size of the health industry will reach 8 trillion yuan by 2020
As you know, the national health service promotion plan mentions that the total size of the health service industry will reach 8 trillion yuan by 2020. In today's health services, only health food and medical devices have separate output statistics. In 2013, nearly 400 billion yuan of health food products failed to get the nutrition food approved by health food. The estimated data is about the same, which is still far from the food industry. In the whole health service industry, there are only a few, few, no more than 10 health enterprises that have exceeded ten billion yuan. We still have a long way to go.
    Six, less than 2000 active products
Have legal basis of health food the government approved a total of more than 14200, active in not more than 2000 products on the market, there are more than 12000 products are not very active, or have been not in the city, it has to do with a population of 1.3 billion healthy demand actually differs very far, can be seen from the data of health care market potential, foreground is very large.
China's economic aggregate ranks second in the world
    The more developed the economy, the more urgent people are in pursuit of health and quality of life. On this basis, the health industry will flourish. Today, China's economy is the second largest in the world. Some people predict that we will soon surpass the United States in terms of GDP. But that figure represents only China's economic aggregate. We can't be too happy. We need to look at another statistic -- per capita GDP, which last year ranked 89th in the world, very low.
Eighth, the health literacy level unceasingly enhances
    Health literacy is a person's ability to access basic health information and use it to maintain and improve their health. Released on May 19, 2014, the "China citizens' health literacy action plan" proposed that the health literacy level of Chinese people could be increased to 15% in 2015 and 20% in 2020. The improvement of health literacy not only depends on the government, but also on the whole society, as well as on associations and enterprises.