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Microbial ID/AST System--D2Mini

D2LMINI(网站) D2MINI侧面(网站)

Adopting information technology, D2Mini, DL's fourth-generation semi-automatic microbial ID/AST system, is an intelligent clinical pathogen diagnosis system.

Features & principle:

--Support bidirectional LIS, making information input and report output faster and easier;

--Contains 6 functional and powerful modules, including detection, query, statistics, settings, quality control and WHONET;

--Optimize the overall configuration, reduce the size and weight, suitable for medical institutions at all levels;

--Using the pinhole lens and integrated body, reducing the inaccurate interpretation caused by external environment;

--With large-sized touch screen, the external display can be connected according to the requirements of the hospital, making human-computer interaction more    convenient;

--Automatic calibration, more accurate interpretation;

--Lightweight interpretation module, card reading time is 2/3 shorter than third-generation machine, meets the requirements of high-throughput detection;