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Growing up in DL

DL has a comprehensive internal training system and a wealth of external training resources, and continues to provide various types of training and learning opportunities for each of the employees who join DL, while helping them to quickly improve their comprehensive quality and business capabilities. Subsequent personal development lays a solid foundation.


On-the-job training

The company introduces the company's development history, cultural connotation and management system to each new employee to help them integrate into the company's working environment as soon as possible;

The department heads will develop a personalized training plan for each new employee, and help them quickly become familiar with the work content through work counseling and professional knowledge training.


Tutor counseling

The company assigns a senior employee to each new employee for job counseling. The instructor will tailor a learning improvement program based on the employee's personal career development plan to help them realize their career dreams as soon as possible.


Internal/external training

Every year, the company develops detailed annual training plans based on the specific conditions of employees and company business and effectively organizes various types of internal/external training. The training covers cultural concepts, professional knowledge and skills, general management skills, employee development training, and outings. Investigate, etc., to provide a full range of growth support for the career development of the company's employees.



Development in DL

Based on the company's development philosophy, DL employees' career development emphasizes that employees' career development must be based on factors such as work experience, loyalty and learning, and strive to build a company and employees to grow at the same time. The company provides employees with a variety of career development tools and resources to help employees assess their strengths, development needs and career interests, professional expertise and personal motivation. At the same time, the company provides employees with opportunities for promotion and development, and establishes a smooth career development and improvement channel.


DL's diversified career development and promotion channels: