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Mycoplasma ID/AST kit

支原体培养基盒组(网站) 支原体药敏试剂盒(冻干型)板条盒子组(网站) 支原体药敏试剂盒(液基)盒子板条试剂组1(网站)

Mycoplasma ID/AST test is used to diagnosis mycoplasma infection.

Feature & Principle

  -Isolation, culture, colony counting, ID/AST are all together.

  -Imported growth substrates are used.

  -Test results can be given in 24-48h.

  -12 kinds of diversified antibiotic combinations.

 SCAN-10 auto sampler

     Controlled by microcomputer program, SCAN-10 can sampling automatically, reducing the workload and negligence of manual operation.

     With shorter sampling time and stable performance, SCAN-10 can meet the needs of rapid, high  throughput detection.