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Automated Staining System

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【Instrument parameters】
Dyeing capacity: 32 pieces
Size: 787x640x412mm
Weight: 45Kg
Rotating Speed: no less than 200RPM
【Use purpose】
Gram and acid-fast staining for clinical microbiological test samples
Easy-to use touch screen and friendly-use software for switching the dyeing mode.
High-throughput: 32 slides at a time. 
Quantitative dyeing and micro-soaking technology
3 modes available : Kinyoun cold staining, modified Ziehl-Neelsen staining, and Acid fast fluorescence staining.
Large-diameter nozzle; Independent slide holder; Double-layer dislocation dyeing dis.
Intelligent control: Automatically identify the number of slides; Automatically monitor the dyeing progress; Automatically present the dying liquid remaining.