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Great health, the next gold industry


Great health, the next gold industry

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Without the people's health, there will be no comprehensive well-off.
    Yesterday, the theme of "health, the future" medicine industry summit BBS held.
    Participants at the meeting believed that 
    Without the people's health, there will be no comprehensive well-off.
    Yesterday, the theme of "health, the future" medicine industry summit BBS held.
    Participants at the meeting believed that the great health industry has ushered in a new development opportunity and is the next "gold industry" after "Internet +".
By 2020, the total size of the health industry will exceed 8 trillion yuan
    "Health is everything." On BBS, Yin dagui, chief health expert of education of the ministry of health, gave us a vivid health lesson.
    He compares himself to this: "I am 78 years old, but I have a clear mind and a healthy body. Because I know that health is a resource and limited and must be cherished.
"Everyone is the first responsible person for their own health," he said. Suffer from illness, the doctor is treated, but healthy long life depends on oneself, want to develop healthy lifestyle.
    Last October, the state council issued the outline of the 2030 plan for a healthy China, which has become the action plan for promoting the building of a healthy China in the next 15 years. According to the outline, the total size of the health industry will exceed 8 trillion yuan by 2020 and 16 trillion yuan by 2030. "It is now 5 trillion yuan and has great potential for development." Tang qizhu, President of the provincial people's hospital, said data from the us department of commerce show that the health industry is second only to manufacturing, service industry, financial insurance and real estate, with the fastest growth rate in the last decade, accounting for 8.8% of GDP. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate of the great health industry will be about 27.26% in the next five years.
    According to zhuang ning, deputy director of the health and family planning commission's department of physical reform and a writer of the "healthy China 2030" program, the big health industry has such a big market because it covers the life course of a person from birth to death. Secondly, groups that include mothers and infants, children, young and middle-aged people, the elderly, chronic diseases or people with specific physical needs are all groups that need to be covered and satisfied with great health needs.
    The great health industry will become one of the new engines of China's economic growth.
    "Medicine + nutrition", integration of the whole life industry chain
    "It can be said that taikang has done a great thing to carry on the medical care business and make the high-quality old-age care life revolutionary and innovative in the future." Yesterday, chairman of taikang insurance group Chen dongsheng expounded the new logic of taikang medical care.
In recent years, Mr. Chen said, taikang has entered the old-age care, medical care and ultimate care industry, combining virtual insurance with physical medical care, integrating the whole life industry chain, and creating the integrated business model of "dynamic old-age care, high-end medical care, excellent financial management and ultimate care".
    By investing in a wide range of medical, artificial intelligence, pharmaceutical, medical equipment and health big data enterprises, taikang forms a physical service system. Taikang combines with many invested enterprises, combines the insurance payment system and the entity service system, and builds the ecological system of the great health industry.
Looking ahead, Chen dongsheng said that taikang's great health industrial ecosystem has just stepped forward.
    Currently, taikang is the second largest shareholder of Medea, the second largest shareholder of parkway China, the world's second-largest medical chain, and has invested in big health industry companies such as hanheuser-busch, pharmacimenkantian and corroney north star of the United States. "If the health industry does not develop around the rules of the health service industry, there will be blind tendencies and even dangers." The future development of health service industry should follow the "three modernizations", Yin said. Second, the cooperation of the health system, the relationship between the government and the market should be cooperation and integration. Third, service resources are synergized and a "collaborative medical" system is established through integration.
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