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How to establish the concept of great health


How to establish the concept of great health

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 establish a system of big health concept, we need to establish healthy values. Health is not only an individual's most precious wealth, but also a social asset. Health investment is the most rewardin

  To establish a system of big health concept, we need to establish healthy values. Health is not only an individual's most precious wealth, but also a social asset. Health investment is the most rewarding investment. Health investment is an important part of personal expenditure. Health investment is the most direct growth point for providing public goods, expanding domestic demand and promoting economic development. Then there is the concept of healthy society and the concept of healthy humanities. Health reflects a kind of humanistic spirit and the degree of progress of civilization.

  We will improve the education system of great health by grasping the doll. Put health education into the school's regular education, so that health knowledge into the classroom, into the textbook. We will actively promote education for social health and popularize health knowledge for all. It fully reflects the continuity of healthy education and accepts healthy education throughout life. More importantly, we should fully reflect the scientific nature and disseminate accurate and advanced health knowledge and information. We will develop greater health for all and promote the concept of greater health.

  To change the concept of national health, on the one hand, it is necessary for the government to correctly guide and establish and improve the relevant guarantee mechanism. On the other hand, to popularize the life science and establish the concept of health civilization is the best way to prevent diseases in advance. Enterprises engaged in the life and health industry should also shoulder the corresponding social responsibilities together in education.

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