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Great health strategy experience and enlightenment


Great health strategy experience and enlightenment

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Pharmaceutical companies should be alert to the following four points when they enter into great health:

  1) preliminary research: preliminary research is essential. Wang laojiyuan's marketing team 

  Pharmaceutical companies should be alert to the following four points when they enter into great health:

  1) preliminary research: preliminary research is essential. Wang laojiyuan's marketing team cooperated with several market research companies to conduct market research every year. Yunnan baiyao marketing team is the team members of the market research work.

  2) cash flow: the great health attempt requires not only a certain cost of entry, but also a year or even years of long-term war preparation. Due to the lack of understanding on the medium-term investment and the later investment, the depletion of cash flow is an important reason for enterprise failure.

  3) products: do not have too many products. It is better to focus on one or two products in a certain field and make cutting-edge breakthroughs. The market segment targeted by the product is not highly competitive when it enters the market. The potential market of the product should be large, otherwise it is hard to make a big difference.

  4) marketing. For pharmaceutical companies, the success of the great health strategy cannot be separated from a strong marketing team. Having a strong marketing team is the common feature of successful enterprises in strategic transformation.