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Basic introduction to active peptides


Basic introduction to active peptides

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Active peptide. Active Peptide/Active Peptides. Huxing Tai.
Peptides are compounds in which two or more amino acids are linked by peptide bonds and play an important physiological role in the human bo
    Active peptide. Active Peptide/Active Peptides. Huxing Tai.
Peptides are compounds in which two or more amino acids are linked by peptide bonds and play an important physiological role in the human body. Active peptides are called active peptides, or bioactive peptides or bioactive peptides.
    Active peptide is the total name of more than one thousand kinds of peptides (such as soybean peptide, sea cucumber peptide, etc.). It plays a key role in human growth, metabolism, disease, aging, and death. Active peptide is the most important active substance in human body. It is the increase or decrease of its secretion in the body that gives us the cycle of infancy, childhood, adulthood, old age and death. Taking active peptides breaks the cycle of life, thus achieving the magic effect of prolonging life and slowing down aging effectively.
    At present, it is becoming a hot spot of research around the world, a large number of domestic and foreign research results show that the bioactive peptides is involved in a variety of cellular functions of the body of biological active substances, in organisms have found hundreds of different biological peptides have different structure and physiological function, such as antiviral, anticancer, antithrombotic and antihypertensive, immunity adjustment, hormone adjustment, antibacterial, cholesterol, and so on.


Basic introduction to active peptides 



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